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Addis Ababa Tour Overview

The Addis Ababa tour on the TripScout mobile app takes you to the best local spots in the city.

Sitting at the helm of one of the world’s fastest growing economies, Africa’s diplomatic capital and fourth largest city will confound all expectations. This urban center serves as the gateway to Ethiopia’s mythical and ancient world, and continues to earn its reputation for friendly people, delicious food, and the world’s best coffee.

Because of Addis Ababa’s high elevation, visitors enjoy moderate temperatures year-round. Step out in “the political capital of Africa” and soak in the sights and culture. Explore colorful local markets, discover Ethiopia’s rich religious history through it’s beautiful churches, and immerse yourself in the local coffee culture. In addition to being a destination unto itself, Addis Ababa also makes the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the rest of Ethiopia, a culturally diverse and naturally beautiful country.

Before you explore our articles on Ethiopian tourism, the best Addis Ababa restaurants, the best Addis Ababa hotels, and Ethiopian coffee, check out our basic Addis Ababa arrival guide below. Our travel app will guide you through all the best local spots for your Addis Ababa tour and give you a chance to explore cool neighborhoods, iconic sites, local restaurants, markets, top museums, historic churches, and the best places to grab a cup of coffee Ethiopia’s famous coffee.

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Arriving for your Addis Ababa Tour: Addis Ababa Airport

If you are arriving for an Addis Ababa tour, you will be flying through Bole International Airport (ADD). This Addis Ababa airport is modern and one of the busiest airports in East Africa. The Addis Ababa arport services several international airlines and is the hub of Ethiopian Airlines. It has two terminals. Terminal 1 is the older and smaller terminal for domestic flights and select flights to nearby countries. Terminal 2 is much newer and nicer, and is used for most international flights. Make sure to check which terminal your flight is at since some airlines fly out of both airports and they are not convenient to walk between (although it is possible).

Ethiopian food at an Addis Ababa restaurant

Ethiopian food at an Addis Ababa restaurant. Image: Flickr

Addis Ababa Map & Addis Ababa Tour

Download the TripScout app to get a full offline Addis Ababa map with GPS, so you can navigate your way around your Addis Ababa tour without needing a data connection or WiFi. The Addis Ababa tour and curated list of sites will be integrated within the map.

Addis Ababa Tour and Addis Ababa Map

Our Local Addis Ababa Experts

We collaborated with our good friends at Go Addis Tours to create the TripScout mobile travel guide for Addis Ababa. They’re the highest rated tour company in the city and when Anthony Bourdain came to Addis Ababa for Parts Unkown, guess who advised them on where to eat? They run the most fun, informative, and reliable city tours in Addis Ababa and excursions throughout Ethiopia. They have an amazing food tour in Addis Ababa, which will be a great addition to the restaurants and sites they teach you about on the TripScout audio tour. Here are the TripScout and Go Addis founders on a trip they took together from Ethiopia to Somaliland:

Somaliland Travel Blog 39

Enjoy your Addis Ababa tour!

Addis Ababa Tour Benefits

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