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Addis Ababa Hotels

Where you tuck in at night after a long day of exploring can make or break your holiday. A comfy bed is at the top of the list, but maybe your ideal hotel also has luxurious perks. Think: resort quality pool, to-die-for dining, and lightning fast WiFi. Whatever you prefer, booking a hotel is an important step in planning your Addis Ababa tour. First, learn a little about some of Addis Ababa’s most important neighborhoods.

Addis Ababa is a modern, bustling capital city divided into ten districts. Here is a brief overview of four districts you should know:

Addis Ketema: Home to Mercato, Africa’s largest open-air marketplace. You can also find Grand Anwar Mosque, the biggest mosque in Ethiopia, in this district.
Arada: In this district, you can find many historical sites, including the Taitu Hotel, St. George’s Cathedral, and the great Menelik II Square. You’ll also find the Piazza here, the center of Addis Ababa.
Kirkos: The luxurious Sheraton hotel, The Hilton, and the National Palace are located in this central district.
Gullele: The US Embassy is located within this Northern district.

Find some of the best Addis Ababa hotels in the Piazza area

Find some of the best Addis Ababa hotels in the Piazza area.

As you plan your Ethiopian adventure, check out our list of the best Addis Ababa hotels. From budget options to high-end luxury, our list covers the best places to bunk in Addis Ababa.

Taitu Hotel: Addis Ababa Hotels

The Taitu Hotel was the first modern hotel in Ethiopia, located in Piazza, the old Italian part of Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian imperial royal family was well known for entertaining guests in an extravagant manner: delicious traditional Ethiopian food and plenty of tej (honey wine).

Empress Taitu, wife of Emperor Menlik II who founded Addis Ababa, decided to build a hotel for her guests she frequently wined and dined. At the time, it was taboo to sell food, so local politicians were scandalized by the idea. But Empress Taitu was firm and Emperor Menelik gave her the greenlight: the hotel was built in 1907. Today, the hotel offers a lot of history and inexpensive private rooms for only a few dollars a night.

Hilton: Addis Ababa Hotels

Enjoy the groovy 1970s Africa vibe this hotel exudes. As one of the best Addis Ababa hotel, The Hilton Hotel is one of the few large international hotels where Ethiopians regularly congregate. The daily happy hour is popular among locals, and offers very reasonable drinks prices and the perfect perch for people watching.

The Hilton Hotel first opened its doors in 1969 with an inauguration ceremony that included Emperor Haile Selassie hosting international dignitaries from across the globe.

The Hotel Hotel, unlike many other international chains in Addis Ababa, has a truly Ethiopian feel to it. Even if you don’t book a night here, the happy hour is a highlight on many Addis Ababa tours.

The Hilton is one of the best Addis Ababa hotels

The Hilton is one of the best Addis Ababa hotels. Image: Flickr.

Sheraton: Addis Ababa Hotels

Located in the heart of the city, the Sheraton is hands down one of the best Addis Ababa hotels. Within walking distance of the National Museum, United Nations Conference Centre, and the Merkato, the Sheraton is the ideal refuge for busy explorers. In addition to a stellar location, this hotel offers ten top notch restaurants and bars, including Indian and Italian eateries. Take a dip in the swimming pool, or relax at the spa after a long day of touring. This hotel is a favorite among visiting foreigners and diplomats.

The Sheraton is one of the best Addis Ababa hotels

The Sheraton is one of the best Addis Ababa hotels.

Radisson Blu: Addis Ababa Hotels

One of the best Addis Ababa hotels, The Radisson Blu is the perfect spot for business travelers and tourist alike. Within walking distance of many major sights, the Bole International Airport is also a short drive away. After exploring the city, enjoy a facial at the Rainforest Day Spa or pump iron at the on-site gym. Grab a bite at the first French brasserie-style restaurant in the capital, Verres en Vers, or order room service 24 hours a day.

Addissinia Hotel: Addis Ababa Hotels

Located at the center of Addis Ababa, the Addissinia Hotel is both convenient and comfortable. Flag the complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle and check-in to one of the best Addis Ababa hotels. Enjoy a buffet-style breakfast before exploring the capital, and return in the afternoon to unwind at the on-site wellness center. The hotel offers guests access to one restaurant, one cafe, and two bars.

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