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Amsterdam Tour Overview

TripScout’s Amsterdam tour is so much more than what you might expect. Sure, we’ll take you along the city’s iconic canals, around popular parks and plazas, and inside world-famous museums. But we’ll also introduce you to the faces of Amsterdam you may not be familiar with, or perhaps didn’t even know existed!

Curious about the Red Light District or the city’s relationship with Marijuana, but interested in learning from afar? Our Amsterdam tour will tell you exactly where to go to learn about the history and culture surrounding the risqué. Want to know where to get those delicious fries everyone’s talking about? We’ve got you covered. Looking to relax with a cold beer or nice cup of tea of coffee? We know just the place. Oh, and we’re also hip to the hip parts of town, so you can get away from the city center and see some of the arts and crafts Amsterdam has to offer without spending hours of your time scouring the web.

Amsterdam’s history reaches as far back as the 10th century, and while some of the sites highlighted on your Amsterdam tour date back almost that far, others are much more modern, brand new even. This intersection of new and old makes Amsterdam one of the world’s most popular cities – in one day, or even one afternoon, you can visit a church founded in the year 1214, a gorgeous train station built in 1889, and a modern film institute opened in 2012.

Even the city’s museums have something for everyone. The Amsterdam tour covers the niche museums such as the Cannabis College, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, and Red Light Secrets to world famous exhibits at the Anne Frank Haus, Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum. You can use this Amsterdam tour to advance your knowledge of the classics and then walk just a few minutes to learn a thing or two about Marijuana. And if your museum adventures lead you to want to buy some local art or check out a coffee shop, we’ll tell you exactly where to go.

With TripScout, you can walk (or bike!) along Amsterdam’s beautiful, windy canals and streets, discover the coolest and most interesting things to do, and learn about the city along the way. We want to take the hassle out of travel so that you can spend more of your time exploring the city and less of your time flipping through guidebooks. If you spot an awesome boutique or delicious-looking street food on your way to a museum, go investigate! That’s why we’re here – to show you the best things to see and do, all at your fingertips and at your own schedule and pace. Skip what interests you less, take more time with what interests you more, and definitely make stops along the way… Welcome to Amsterdam, TripScout style!

Enjoy your Amsterdam tour!

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