Berlin Tour

Berlin Tour Overview

The Berlin tour on the TripScout mobile app takes you to all the most interesting local spots in the city.

This vibrant cultural capital continuously reinvents itself and sets trends for the world as it does it. It’s both innovative and historic, fast-paced and laid back, glamorous and grimy, artistic and outdoorsy. Berlin has something for everyone and it’s no surprise so many travelers never leave.

We’ll guide you through all the best local spots for your Berlin tour and give you a chance to explore cool neighborhoods, iconic sites, local restaurants, artisan shops and markets, top museums, and the best places to grab a cup of coffee or cocktail.

Enjoy your Berlin tour!

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Berlin Tour
Berlin is divided into unique and distinct neighborhoods.

Historic Sites

Berlin Tour
The Reichstag building is a historic building that once housed the German parliament.

Local Restaurants

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Berlin boasts an impressive restaurant scene.


Berlin Tour
Berlin has a highly eclectic array of architecture and buildings.

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