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Bucharest Tour Overview

The Bucharest Tour on the TripScout mobile app takes you to all the most interesting local spots in the city.

Bucharest is a city of contrasts. Young energy, gastropubs, and a modern vibe adorn the imposing Soviet-era architecture, decaying buildings, and grit. A new generation is turning this European gateway to the East into a sophisticated international city.

We’ll guide you through all the best local spots for your Bucharest tour and give you a chance to wander off the beaten path and explore alleys, markets, plazas, restaurants, and neighborhoods. Some of our sites include the Old City, Revolution Square, one of the coolest bookstores we’ve ever been to, gastropubs, emerging restaurants, flea markets, decaying mansions, alleys of street art, and so much more!

Enjoy your Bucharest Tour!

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Bucharest Old City

Bucharest Tour - Old City
Bucharest’s Old City is one of the many must-see stops on any Bucharest tour.

Bucharest Press House

Bucharest Tour - Press House
The Bucharest Press House is an example of Soviet-era architecture seen on the Bucharest tour.

Revolution Square

Bucharest Tour - Revolution Square
Learn about Revolution Square and the speech that changed everything for Romania on the Bucharest tour

Military Club

Bucharest Tour - Military Club
See Romania’s Military Club on the Bucharest tour.

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