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Buenos Aires Restaurants Overview

Argentina, known for it delicious steaks, has hundreds of steak restaurants, each with their own take on various cuts of beef. Buenos Aires is even considered the steak capital of the world and is also known for its Malbec wine. There’s plenty of trendy and tasty Buenos Aires restaurants to put on your list when you’re visiting.

Below is a summary of the best Buenos Aires restaurants.

Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni is one of the oldest, best preserved, and most famous cafes in Buenos Aires. Founded in 1858, it has served as a key meeting place for famous writers, artists, and philosophers for over 150 years. Café Tortoni is a great place to experience the city’s coffee culture. It also boasts delicious Spanish-style hot chocolate that’s worth a try. Events such as poetry readings, live music, and tango shows can often be found in the salon downstairs, making it one of the most interesting Buenos Aires restaurants.

Buenos Aires Restaurants - Café Tortoni

El Obrero

El Obrero, or The Laborer, is one of the best Buenos Aires restaurants for traditional dishes with a wide variety of cuts of beef. It was originally opened in 1910 to serve the Italian immigrant working class in the neighborhood La Boca. It has now been operated by the same family since 1954 and is decked out in football-themed decor. It’s recommended to make a reservation at this off the beaten path restaurant.

Don Julio

Don Julio, one of the top Buenos Aires restaurants, opened in 1999 as an authentic Argentinean steakhouse. All of the beef at Don Julio is from grass-fed cattle in countryside just outside of the city. The rustic inside is welcoming and unique with empty wine bottles lining the walls. Guests from all over the world have written messages on the bottles.

Buenos Aires Restaurants - steak

Gran Parrilla del Plata

During the 1930s, this building located in the San Telmo neighborhood was a butcher’s shop and was later turned into the restaurant it is today. Gran Parrilla del Plata serves authentic Argentinean barbecue with an antique atmosphere inside, in addition to offering a variety of 20 wines. This is one of the most popular Buenos Aires restaurants for locals and tourists alike.

The Argentine Experience

This is an interactive and engaging dining experience, making it one of the most unique Buenos Aires restaurants. Guests are invited to cook multiple courses while learning about Argentine culture. There’s bottomless bottles of wine and cups of yerba matte. One hour prior to The Argentine Experience is a Wine and Cocktail Experience, where you learn how to make wine-based cocktails and try a variety of Argentinean wines.

Steaks by Luis

If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation here, you’ll have a full five-course dinner experience with a small group of people in Chef Luis’ home. Every course is paired with specific wine. You’ll also learn how locals make their traditional dishes. Steak by Luis is one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires and one of the most unique dining experiences you’ll have.

Buenos Aires Restaurants - Steaks by Luis

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