Buenos Aires Tango Tour

Buenos Aires Tango Overview

Argentina is famous for being the birthplace of tango, one of the sexiest dances in the world. Visiting this area of the world wouldn’t be the same without experiencing Buenos Aires tango, so watch or join in on the fun. From tango dinners to milonga dance clubs, you’re bound to get caught up one way or another. You can go to a tango dinner show, watch dancers on the street, take a dance lesson, or visit a tango dance club.

Below is a summary of the top places for experiencing Buenos Aires tango.

Piazzolla Tango

Piazzolla Tango is a dinner show packed with Broadway-quality performers. The dinner menu has a variety of dishes and cocktails, including vegetarian options. It’s in the theatre Belle Epoque with incredible acoustics and a luxurious atmosphere. This is a prime place to visit if you want to see incredible tango dancers. Piazzolla Tango even offers tango classes.

Buenos Aires Tango

Tango Piola

Want to try your hand at dancing the sexy Buenos Aires tango? Take lessons one-on-one or with a partner at Tango Piola from experienced teachers. It’s such a fun and memorable experience while visiting this city.

La Boca

There are plazas and neighborhoods throughout the city that are known for dancers performing in its streets. La Boca, a Buenos Aires tango spot, is famous for being the birthplace of this sexy dance. The romanic streets are a perfect area to watch dancers do the tango. Feria de Artesanos, a crafts fair, is a popular spot for talented tango dancers to show off their moves.

Buenos Aires Tango - La Boca

La Virtua

La Virtua is a tango dancing club with open dancing. You can watch others take the floor or try it yourself. Let your hair down! This is a great way to meet locals and experience Buenos Aires tango and culture firsthand. La Virtua offers lessons during the day, and then you can try your moves on the dance floor at night. You can even observe classes here if you’re not up for dancing.

San Telmo

San Telmo is another hotspot for Buenos Aires tango. Tango dancers flock to this neighborhood especially on Sundays when the market is going on and at night. There are often groups of dancers spread throughout this barrio, but Plaza Dorrego is one of the most poplar spots.

Buenos Aires Tango - Plaza Dorrego

Confiteria Ideal

This is a very famous Buenos Aires tango place to dance and dine located in the heart of Buenos Aires. Lots of celebrities have danced here, including Madonna. The Confiteria Ideal is a great place to take a lesson, watch dancers, or show off your moves with a partner on the dance floor. It’s in a beautiful art deco space, making it easy to get into a dancing mood.

Enjoy your Buenos Aires tour!

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