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chicago tourAudio Tour Guided by Hillary Marzec

Founder of the acclaimed Chicago tour company, Inside Chicago Walking Tours.

Hillary has nearly a decade of experience giving architecture boat tours and food tours in Chicago, performs improv comedy, and is one of the leading local experts on the city.

The Chicago tour on the TripScout mobile app takes you to all the most interesting and local spots in this world-class city. Chicago, also known as the Windy City, boasts the hospitality and charm of a small Midwestern town in one of the biggest cities in the United States with over 2.5 million inhabitants. The list of things to do, see, eat, and drink here is endless. In our self-guided tour, we show you what every Chicago tour should include and you can decide for yourself what places and activities you want to focus on.

Our Chicago tour will teach you about the top things to do and see, in addition to the best museums and restaurants you don’t want to miss. The city is renowned for its food, but deep dish pizza isn’t the only food item that should be on your list to enjoy. Chicago is also a city filled with unique and ethnically-diverse neighborhoods and communities, making it fun to explore. You’ll learn interesting history about the city and its famous attractions, while being guided to the best neighborhoods, parks, and plazas.

Chicago, officially named a city in 1837, is a collection of stories, events, and people who came together in the face of adversity to build, and rebuild, one of the largest and most magnificent cities in the United States. It grew from having 300 inhabitants to over 300,000 in just over 30 years. After Chicago became an industrial powerhouse, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 burned down 18,000 buildings in a mere three days, wiping the city clean. It was then rebuilt with a focus on modern American architecture. Fourteen years following the fire, Chicago became the birthplace of the skyscraper. Our Chicago tour will teach you about this city’s intriguing and powerful history and how it was built twice, coining the name the Second City.

Chicago is a city of stunning architecture, groovy blues, and tasty food. Not to mention, the city has numerous top-notch museums and iconic buildings worth visits on your trip. Our Chicago tour will show you the most important places and neighborhoods you should see and where they’re located in relation to other attractions to make the most of your time in the Second City.

We’ll guide you through all the best local spots for your Chicago tour and give you a chance to explore cool neighborhoods, iconic sites, local restaurants, trendy shops, top museums, and the best places to grab a cup of coffee or cocktail. Once you download the Chicago tour guide, it’s all on your phone. You set your own schedule and pace and focus on what interests you the most. Don’t forget your headphones, so you can hear the audio guides by Hillary Marzec, founder of Inside Chicago Walking Tours, improv comedian, and local expert. She’ll take you through the history of Chicago and tell you what makes it such a unique place to explore.

Enjoy your Chicago tour!

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Things to Do

Things to do in Chicago
There are endless infamous attractions in Chicago. We share the top things to do in Chicago that deserve to be on your radar when visiting.


Chicago Museums
Chicago museums are some of the top attractions not just in the Windy City but in the world. Check out these popular Chicago museums.


Chicago Neighborhoods
Chicago is a city of diverse neighborhoods with unique and interesting vibes. Here’s an overview of the Chicago neighborhoods you should visit.

Best Restaurants

Best restaurants in Chicago
Chicago is a big food city, famous worldwide for its deep dish pizza. However, that isn’t the only thing to eat while visiting. Don’t miss out on the diverse selection of the best restaurants in Chicago.

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