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London Tour Overview

The London tour on the TripScout mobile app takes you to all of the most interesting spots in one of the largest cities in Europe. London, often called “The Old Smoke”, has a lot to offer from its endless attractions and museums, to it’s unique neighborhoods, tasty restaurants, and trendy bars. The list of things to see and do in this expansive and culturally diverse city is never ending. In our self-guided tour, we show you what every London tour should include and you can decide for yourself what places and things you want to focus on.

Our London tour will teach you about the iconic structures and museums, in addition to the best places to eat, drink, and shop. You’ll learn interesting history about the city and its infamous attractions while being guided to the best neighborhoods, markets, parks, and plazas. There are numerous landmarks we’ve all seen in Hollywood time and time again. It’s now time for you to stand in awe over these infamous sights in person, while learning more about their history and background. The scenes from Bridget Jones Diary, Notting Hill and James Bond will all come to life during your London tour.

London is one of the most important cities in the world. The roots of London are said to date back to the 1st century, which make it an even more interesting and impressive place to explore through our London tour. Having changed a lot over the last hundreds of years, the city’s history is full of ups and downs, catastrophes, and resurrections.

London has evolved into a travel hotspot, boasting over 20 million tourists every year. The city has hundreds of historical sites and attractions for travelers to choose from. With over 300 languages said to be spoken in London, it has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world, making it a hub international culture and food. There are numerous streets and districts filled with the best shopping, history, food, and drinks. Our London tour will show you the most important places and neighborhoods you should see and where they’re located in relation to other attractions to make the most of your time.

We’ll guide you through all the best local spots for your London tour and give you a chance to explore cool neighborhoods, iconic sites, local restaurants, artisan shops and markets, top museums, and the best places to grab a cocktail. Once you download the London tour guide, it’s all on your phone. You set your own schedule and pace and focus on what interests you the most. Don’t forget your headphones so you can hear the audio guides.

Enjoy your London tour!

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London Museums of Natural History Museum
London museums are some of the best and oldest in the world. The majority of them are free, which is a luxury in this expensive city. However, it’s hard to choose which ones to visit on your London tour, but we will explain all of the top London museums.


London Attractions of Buckingham Palace
London has some of the most iconic buildings and attractions in the world seen time and time again in Hollywood movies. Here is a summary of the most popular London attractions.

Restaurants and Bars

London Restaurants and Bars of Ice Bar
London is packed with incredible restaurants and trendy bars. The hunt for finding interesting spots for food and drinks can be endless in a city like London. So we made it easy for you with a guide to some of our favorites London restaurants and bars.

Places to visit

London places to visit of Oxford Street
London doesn’t have a clear center, so naturally it has many great neighborhoods spread across the city. They all have a different personality and culture. Here are the best places to visit in London.

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