El Zocalo, Plaza de la Constitucion Mexico City Airport

Mexico City Airport

Mexico City International Airport is Latin America’s second busiest airport. This hot and high airport — hot temperature and high airport elevation — serves 27 domestic and international passenger airlines, and it is the main hub for Mexico’s largest airline, Aeroméxico. Almost daily, more than 100,000 passengers fly from Mexico City Airport to 52 domestic and 50 international destinations on three continents.

Mexico City Airport has two passenger terminals. Terminal 1 is currently the largest airport terminal in the Americas and the fourth largest in the world. Terminal 1 has access to four hotels, 11 lounges, and dozens of dining options. Terminal 2 houses all Aeroméxico flights out of the airport. WiFi is available at Mexico City Airport through TelMex.

Transportation from Mexico City Airport to Mexico City

There are two 24-hour bus terminals at Mexico City Airport. These buses offer 24-hour transportation between the airport and Mexico City, and other major cities. The Terminal 1 bus station is located near the car ramp leading to the Internationals area. Terminal 2 buses depart from Gate D, between Entrance 4 and the Domestic Arrivals exit.

MetroBus Line 4 is a bus service that connects Mexico City Airport with central Mexico  City. Metrobus Line 4 transports passengers to San Lazaro station where passengers can switch to the metro. A one-way fare is $30 MXN per person, which is payable via reusable MetroBus smart card. Smart cards can be purchased at automated machines in the airport.

Hotel Shuttles
Some local hotels offer private guest shuttle services. Contact your hotel for more detailed information regarding their shuttle service. There is a hotel service counter in the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 2. There is also a hotel shuttle stop is at Entrance 4 of Terminal 1.

Mexico City’s metro system is a 12-line network that covers most of the city. Terminal Area Station, on the yellow Line 5, is the closest metro stop to Mexico City Airport. A one-way ticket is $3 MXN, or you can purchase a reusable smart card for $10 MXN.

Taxis can be found at both terminals 24 hours a day. Only use taxi companies that are authorized to operate at Mexico City Airport. Look for Porto Taxi Sitio 300, Confort and Yellow Cab, Nueva Imagen and Excelencia. You can pre-purchase tickets for taxi service near the Arrival gates and walkway. Taxis cost approximately $224 MXN from the airport to Centro.

Uber car service is available in Mexico City. Rides from Mexico City Airport to Zócalo, Centro costs approximately $170 MXN to $508 MXN, depending on the type of Uber you request.

Itinerary for Your Long Layover in Mexico City

En route to a week-long yoga retreat is luxurious Tulum, you’ve found yourself with a 12-hour layover in Mexico City. Don’t spend half a day searching for an outlet and eating at the food court, instead make the short, easy journey into the center of Mexico City.

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9:40 a.m. Land at Mexico City Airport. Grab your carry-on bag and follow the signs for the taxi queue.

10:00 a.m. Taxis should be less than $200 MXN. Direct your driver to Mercado San Juan for breakfast.

10:30 a.m. Immerse yourself in the plethora of food choice at Mercado San Juan. The food stalls here are operated mostly by women who dish out traditional home cooking. Sample some of Mexico’s favorite treats, including pork sandwiches drizzled with chile sauce or tortilla-wrapped carnitas.

Tacos al Pastor Mexico City Restaurants

Tacos al Pastor Mexico City Restaurants

11:30 a.m. Take a leisurely stroll to Mexico City’s historic center. Start at Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. Spend several hours exploring the cathedral, the Zocalo plaza, and the Templo Mayor Museum. Grab a drink  and light snack at El Mayor, a rooftop bar and restaurant that overlooks the ruins of the Aztec city Tenochtitlán.

2:30 p.m. Save your appetite for a traditional Mexican lunch. Lunch is the main meal for Mexicans. This lengthy meal is served between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Grab a taxi or Uber to Colonia Roma, a hip and Bohemian area.

3:00 p.m. Lunch at La Reina de la Roma, a small eatery in the old Colonia Roma neighborhood. A short walk from the local market, La Reina serves carnitas— tender shredded pork— with warm corn tortillas. This tender pork, roasted in its own fat, is heaped on a plate alongside red and green salsas, onion, and lime.

Colonia Roma Mexico City Airport

Colonia Roma Mexico City Airport

4:00 p.m. Wander around the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods. Condesa and its neighbor Colonia Roma were named “Barrio Mágico Turístico”  or “Magic Neighborhood for Tourists” in 2011. The name suits these stellar sisters— both neighborhoods are indeed magical. Condesa is stacked with upscale boutiques, winding streets, and a famous nightlife scene. Roma has become a hotbed for artists, writers, and hipsters. This Bohemian area has plenty of restaurants, art galleries, and cafes. You can find some of the hippest boutique hotels in Mexico City here.

6:00 p.m. Time to head back to Mexico City Airport to board your flight!

Enjoy your Mexico City tour!

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