Bucket List Journey by Annette White

I travel to have an authentic experience that my imagination could have never possibly conceived. I travel to encounter places so beautiful that a sense of peace overcomes me. I travel because of a pure fascination with the world and desire to get to know it better. But, mostly I travel to learn, not only about the places I visit and people I meet, but also about myself.

Annette White, Bucket List Journey

Who is Annette White

Annette White is a writer and restaurateur obsessed with experiencing once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Annette started Bucket List Journey to document her experiences in completing her own bucket list and to inspire her readers to create their own bucket lists.

Why we love Bucket List Journey

We love Annette’s focus on experiences and not necessarily destinations. And Annette has had some wild adventures! From swimming with jellyfish to acting as an extra in a Bollywood movie. Follow Bucket List Journey as Annette checks more experiences off her massive bucket list!

Where Bucket List Journey travels

A majority of Bucket List Journey’s content covers Europe, but Annette has visited almost every continent!

How Bucket List Journey travels so much

In addition to writing her award-winning travel blog, Annette is a freelance travel writer and the owner of a Michelin-recommended restaurant in Northern California.

Walk across the red bridge in Lyon, France. 👣 On your bucket list? #vikingcruises #ifwtwa

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Our favorite posts by Bucket List Journey to get you started

Of course, browsing Annette’s massive bucket list is incredible (and inspiring!), but Bucket List Journey is packed with informative content. Check out Annette’s post on visiting a Maasai tribe in Tanzania or drool over her post on ten foods you must eat in Italy.

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