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For the Working Traveller- Places to sit down, fill up, and get it done.

If you’re part of the ever-growing ranks of digital nomads, you’re trying to balance the new experiences travel brings with meeting your workload. While the ubiquitous Starbucks has trusty WiFi and a skinny vanilla latte that tastes the same from city to city, finding unique cafes to sit down and work in offers a new view of the city. Whether it’s full of local art, hosting the city’s resident poets, or just a friendly neighborhood spot, you can feel a part of the day-to-day life of where you are.

Baked and Wired– A favorite of DC coffee shops, there are comfy couches a-plenty and free wifi in this bakery/cafe tucked in near the Georgetown waterfront. Here you’ll great place to relax, catch up on emails, and leave with a sugar high, with what are arguably the best cupcakes in a city known for them. Tuck into a “Uniporns and Rainhoes”, pop in some headphones, and have a productive afternoon located conveniently near the monuments.    1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW

Tryst– The most important piece of advice about this place is come here early- a neighborhood institution in trendy AdMo, you can camp out for hours on a comfortable couch and get work done. The only issue is, everyone seems to have the same idea. They have some serious coffee drinks, but their menu can also satisfy your creative side. Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of a lavender hot chocolate, or want your caffeine in the form of a Frozen Chaipuccino (which is just as good as it sounds), you can sample new flavors and explore a vibrant neighborhood after you’ve met your deadlines.     2459 18th St NW

Compass Coffee– Founded by Marines after their tour in Afghanistan, Compass Coffee is a perfect spot to sit down in the vibrant Shaw neighborhood. They’ve perfected their own coffee roast, and if you like it, you can even buy beans to bring home! If you prefer to enjoy it in-store, there is a bright interior, plenty of seating, and WiFi to boot. Come here for some “real good coffee”, and a great neighborhood to explore. 1535 7th St. NW

Busboys and Poets– This is another local favorite, so well-loved that new franchises have popped up all over the city. The perfect spot to sit down for a long period of time, with friendly staff, huge couches, free wi-fi, and an extensive menu- nachos are particularly good if you’re looking to indulge. It’s more than just a great spot to work though- heavily integrated into the surrounding neighborhood, they regularly host events like open mic nights and discussions on gentrification (a hot topic in many areas of DC). If you’re looking to pick up something to read, the U and 14th Street location has a great bookstore attached.     2021 14th St NW

Filter– In the always-busy Dupont Circle, Filter is a great place to go if you take your coffee black, strong, or just very seriously. With single-origin beans, hard-to-get blends, and coffee-pouring techniques sourced from Japan, this is truly an immersive cafe experience.     1726 20th St NW

Malmaison– Also located near the Georgetown campus, this airy space tends to fly under the radar. With plenty of seating, tons of natural light, and seriously knowledgable baristas, it’s a great spot to spend a sunny Saturday responding to emails or writing essays. Grab one of their delicious pastries and watch the runners and bikers on their way up the canal trail, and you’ll hardly notice how much work you’re getting done.     3401 Water St NW

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