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Washington DC Tour Overview

A Washington DC tour with TripScout will take you through a collection of almost everything important to American history. The many monuments and museums share thousands of stories about the people and events that created the nation into what it is today. However, politics, history, monuments, and museums isn’t everything a Washington DC tour should offer. Washington DC is consistently ranked as one of the most cultured, educated, international, politically active, and physically active cities in America. It has a rare mix of both northern and southern culture, mixed in with representation from nearly every culture around the globe.

Our Washington DC tour will teach you the behind the scenes stories of all the monuments and iconic structures. You’ll learn a lot of fascinating American history, as well as being guided through trendy Washington DC neighborhoods, local markets, the best Washington DC restaurants, and the best places to grab a beer, glass of wine, or cocktail.

DC is home to the who’s who of iconic American structures. In fact, 6 of the top 10 monuments and buildings listed as America’s Favorite Architecture can be found in DC. This landscape helps give the city one of its nicknames: America’s Rome. As the home to the federal government, the city often gets a bad reputation for all of the politicians that live and work here. This gives the city one of its other nicknames: “an ugly man’s Hollywood” since it is somewhat jokingly said that those not attractive enough for the movies come to DC to gain their fame and glory through politics. We’ll cover all these perspectives on our Washington DC tour.

This city displays a fascinating history about a country that quickly rose from obscurity and a revolution based on principles of equality and democracy, into the most powerful country in the world. And at a time when political partisanship is at its highest, the many memorials throughout the Washington DC tour provide a healthy reminder of what created and unified the country in the first place.

In our self-guided Washington DC tour, our very own founder & CEO of TripScout, Konrad Waliszewski (who’s also a longtime DC resident, world traveler, and travel writer), will highlight all of his favorite local spots, as well as the most important places and neighborhoods that you should see on any Washington DC tour. It’s all on your phone and headphones, so you can go at your own schedule and pace. Feel free to skip the ones that don’t interest you and take more time at the ones that do.

Planning a trip to Washington, DC? TripScout has created a number of Washington, DC itineraries to complement any traveling style and trip length:

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Washington DC Instagram

Washington DC Monuments
Looking for inspiration to step up your Insta game? DC is a photogenic place and here are our favorite spots and perspectives to get the best travel photography on your trip. Learn about our favorite Washington DC Instagram shots.

Washington DC Monuments

Washington DC Monuments
No Washington DC tour would be complete without teaching the fascinating stories about the many monuments. They share thousands of stories about the people and events that created and shaped the nation. Learn about each of the Washington DC monuments.

National Mall

National Mall Tour
The National Mall is a must-see on any Washington DC tour. Learn fun facts about all the monuments, how to get there or where to park, who provides the best National Mall tour, and more by reading our guide to the National Mall.

Washington DC Museums

Washington DC Tour of Washington DC Museums
Washington DC museums are some of the highest rated in the world. The majority of them are free, which is a great benefit for any local or Washington DC tour. It can be overwhelming, but we will explain all of the best Washington DC museums.

White House Tour

Washington DC Tour - White House Tour
There are two main White House tours –the East Wing and West Wing. The East Wing tour is the most common and accessible White House tour to undertake on your Washington DC tour. We’ll show you how to take a White House tour.

Library of Congress Tours

Library of Congress Tours
Library of Congress tours teach you about the oldest cultural institution and largest library in the United States. It’s one of the most beautiful and elaborate buildings you’ll see on a Washington DC tour and available for anyone to see, tour, or use for research.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument
The Washington Monument is a giant obelisk that memorializes George Washington, the first President of the United States and revolutionary hero. It’s the world’s tallest free standing stone monolith and a key attraction on any Washington DC tour.

Anthony Bourdain in DC

Bourdain Washington DC
Check out all the sites from the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide on Travel Channel, with our commentary and tips.

Washington DC Nightlife

best neighborhoods for Washington DC nightlife
Washington DC has so many great neighborhoods. They all have a different personality, but if you’re looking to go out, here are the best neighborhoods for Washington DC nightlife.

Day Trips from DC

day trips from dc
Those who live or visit Washington DC for more than a few days understand that the need to escape the capital city’s daily hustle and bustle. Here are the best day trips from DC.

Best Restaurants in DC

best restaurants in dc
Washington DC’s international influence provides great food from all over the country and world, and here are the best restaurants in DC.

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