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Exchange your big city skylines for the Old West and explore Yuma County’s over 5,000 square miles of wilderness. Not only does Yuma boast breathtaking vistas, fertile farmlands, stunning year-round golf courses, and a desert oasis on the banks of the Colorado River, but it is also home to a downtown district that has been named the named ‘Best Historic Main Street Community’ in Arizona.”

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Yuma is tucked into the southwest corner of Arizona surrounded by jaw-dropping nature and steeped in history. Join the 85,000 “snow birds” (also known as retirees) who flock to Yuma each winter for the dry desert air and sunshine-filled days — Yuma is the sunniest place on earth, literally! Explore the wild history of this Colorado River settlement or immerse yourself in nature: desert hikes, mountain biking, or a leisurely kayak trip. Located near the borders of California and Mexico, Yuma is the ideal place to explore the beautiful Southwestern United States.

We’ll guide you through all the best local spots for your Yuma tour and give you a chance to wander off the beaten path and explore nature, restaurants, and neighborhoods. Some of our sites include City Hall, a wildlife refuge, Castle Done Mine Museum, authentic eateries, and so much more!

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Yuma Tour
Yuma was once a popular place to cross the Colorado River placing it at the crossroads of history.


Yuma Tour
Yuma’s multi-use trail system is great for easy cruising on a bike. The area also features trails for hard-core mountain bikers.


Yuma Tour
Yuma boasts beautiful deserts, rugged mountains, and starry night skies.

Hot Air Balloons

Yuma Tour
Hot air balloons float across the desert during an annual festival in Yuma.

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