What To Do With Airlines Vouchers You Can't Use
Lonely Planet

What To Do With Airlines Vouchers You Can't Use

As further COVID-19 lockdowns mean more travel restrictions, here are some options for any airline vouchers you accepted earlier in the year.
The Best Places To Travel During COVID
Traveling Lifestyle

Due to the pandemic, lots of countries have restrictions you may not be aware of. To help you out with your travel decisions, here's the list of 13 warm places to travel during COVID-19 for Americans.

50 Best Travel Movies Of All Time
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Most people are probably spending the Thanksgiving holiday at home, and most likely with a smaller dinner crowd than normal. Sounds like the perfect conditions for an epic 96 hour travel movie binge, here's the ultimate ranking.

Guide To Renewing Your Passport In The Pandemic
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What to know about getting a passport during the COVID-19 pandemic, including how long it takes to get one, expedited renewals, and more.

Three Million American's Flew This Weekend, Ignoring The CDC
Business Insider

More than three million people travelled through US airports between Friday and Sunday, the Transportation Security Administration said.

How Do Pilots Survive An 18 Hour Flight?
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The flight between Singapore to New York is a monster. As a result, some serious thought goes into all elements of the flight -- here's all you need to know.

Checkout The "Ultimate Christmas House"
Matador Network

Vrbo and Lifetime partnered to offer a Christmas-themed house for rent in Connecticut, full of Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and more.

The World's First "Energy-Positive" Hotel Is Breathtaking
Culture Trip

The surreal ring-shaped structure will give guests views of Arctic glaciers and the Northern Lights.

"All People Should Avoid Travel On Cruise Ships"

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has upped its warning on cruise ships to "Level 4: Very High Level of COVID-19," and advised against traveling on them.

The Best Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Travelers
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Here are some of the best gifts for travelers our team has compiled by sharing our must-travel-with items that we think would make great gifts!

Learn The Travel Hack That Got A TikToker Banned From Flying
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Spirit Airlines has banned a TikToker for sharing how to get a free checked bag on the airline. Here's what happened.

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals
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We dug through hundreds of Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals, and put together a list of our favorite hotel, gear, and tour sales.

41 Next-Level Hotels To Visit Before You Die
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There are unique hotels, Airbnbs, and hostels all over the world, from a UFO treehouse in Sweden to a space-pod hostel in Singapore. If you're looking for more than just accommodation, here are 41 incredible places you should spend the night.

Cabin Crew Know All Sorts Of Facts About You
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Inside the iPad, cabin crew has all sorts of information about you at your finger tips. Find out what they use it for...

20 Comfort Foods From Around The World
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In a time when much of the world is facing lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, unable to see family and friends in person, many of us are turning to food for comfort. Here's how people eat their feelings around the world!

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's The 737 MAX!
Matador Network

After 20 months on the ground due to serious safety issues, the FAA has finally approved the 737-MAX to resume flying.

New App Tells Travelers When Terminal Was Last Cleaned
Travel + Leisure

In a new feature in GE’s β€œWellness Trace App,” passengers will be able to track how often an area is cleaned and allow airports to set protocols to do so, as well as keep up with COVID-19 screenings for both passengers and employees.

Traveling Abroad As A Black American Woman
Passion Passport

Living abroad in Spain for the better part of three years, Kiersten Brown talks carrying extra responsibility as a Black American woman.

Shock Alert! This Family Spent over 5 Years Sailing the World
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After years of sailing the world, this family has a lot of experience under their belt!