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The Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide

The Season 5, Episode 3 of No Reservations, the Travel Channel aired their Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide. Do you ever watch one of Anthony Bourdain’s shows and immediately want to visit the same places? Well, we’ve heard this a lot. If you’re visiting (or live in) Washington DC, and you want to check out some of the same places, we compiled a list of the sites he visited and compiled for his Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide. As the show’s intro stated, “Tony is in the nation’s capital to explore the city’s many contrasts — Democrat vs. Republican, rich vs. poor, visible vs. invisible, black vs. white.” He does a great job of this, and now you can too – with the addition of our local perspective. We augment the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide with a few local tips, agreements, and disagreements of our own.

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anthony bourdain washington dc

Where Bourdain ate and other stops on the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide

DC Central Kitchen

425 2nd Street Northwest, Washington DC

The first stop for the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide Washington DC was DC Central Kitchen. has a huge problem with poverty and hunger. In fact, 1-in-4 DC residents live at or below the poverty threshold and 1-in-3 children don’t know where they will get their next meal. This is where Bourdain spends the afternoon volunteering to feed them. DC Central Kitchen addresses a huge need and is a great place to volunteer if you’re in town. We also highly recommend Martha’s Table – an organization TripScout has volunteered at and who a donation is made to with every purchase of a Washington DC guide.

Fresh Farm Market at Penn Quarter

1319 18th St NW #100, Washington DC

This weekly farmer’s market is where Bourdain meets DC’s superstar chef and restauranteur, José Andrés. This is a great market to check out. We also highly recommend Eastern Market’s weekend market in Capitol Hill or Union Market (albeit not a typical “farmer’s market”) any day of the week. Andrés appears a lot on the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide, and you may see a lot of his creations if you spend several days eating well in Washington DC.

International Spy Museum

800 F Street Northwest, Washington DC

For the one non-food related stop on the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide, Bourdain visited the Spy Museum. The International Spy Museum is a unique museum, as it’s the only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to espionage. It provides a global perspective on an all-but-invisible profession that has shaped history and continues to have a significant impact on world events. We love this museum and all the Smithsonian Musuems, but if we had to pick just one to visit, we recommend the Newseum. Check out our full guide to all the top Washington DC museums for more detail or take our Washington DC tour.

Song Que

6773 Wilson Boulevard, Falls Church, VA

As one of the most international cities in the country, Washington DC is full of different immigrant populations. There is a large Vietnamese community just outside the city in Falls Church. This restaurant is in Falls Church’s Eden Center and a variety of other Vietnamese stores and markets can be found nearby. This small pocket of Vietnamese culture is a great visit if you are looking to get outside of the city and have a car. If you watch a lot of Bourdain, you know his passion for Vietnam, so it’s no surprise he made sure to fit this into his Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide.

Minibar by José Andrés

405 8th Street Northwest, Washington DC

José Andrés has a number of great restaurants in Washington DC. This one, as No Reservations describes, is his “spot to play with the concepts and chemistry of flavors to create an experience like none other.” We have yet to be disappointed by one of Andrés’s restaurants. Our current favorite is Zataynia, his Mediterranean restaurant (which is not part of the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide).

Ben’s Chili Bowl

1213 U Street Northwest, Washington DC

Ben’s Chili Bowl fulfills both a food and history stop on the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide. Ben’s is the iconic landmark of U Street. It’s an old-school, chili-dog joint that has been in the neighborhood since 1958. Formerly known as Black Broadway, the neighborhood was once home to the largest African-American community in the country until Harlem passed it in the 1920s and it was once the center of African-American culture. However, things took a turn for the worse in the 1960s. After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, the neighborhood became the center of the 1968 riots. Violence and destruction ensued. Businesses and anyone with affluence left the neighborhood and it became a center for drug trafficking throughout the 1970s. Ben’s Chili Bowl stuck around when no one else did and therefore, holds a special place in the neighborhood’s heart. The neighborhood is now one of the trendiest revitalized neighborhoods in Washington DC. More details of Ben’s Chili Bowl and U Street’s rich history can be found on our Washington DC tour.

Busboys and Poets

2021 14th Street Northwest, Washington DC

Busboys and Poets has quickly become a Washington DC landmark. The name was inspired by Langston Hughes, who served as a busboy in Washington DC in the 1920’s before gaining recognition as a poet. They consider themselves a community gathering place and a “resource for artists, activists, writers, thinkers, and dreamers.” The strong activist vibe can be sensed from the robust bookstore with a strong collection of books on human rights, social issues, and liberal philosophy. Paintings of Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and other inspiring leaders adorn the interior. Founded by an Iraqi-American artist and activist, Anas “Andy” Shallal, the café quickly gained popularity with the neighborhood’s progressive community, especially those who opposed the Iraq War. They have started to open multiple locations, but the original 14th & V location is one of the best cafés in the city. In addition to being a great spot to chat over coffee, they have a good food and local beer menu. They regularly host open mic poetry nights and community discussions. This is one of our favorite places to meet someone or spend a few hours reading and working. If you want the best cup of coffee and are looking elsewhere, we recommend La Colombe and Compass Coffee. These are both on the TripScout app and will help augment your Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide.

Chadwick’s Georgetown

3205 K Street Northwest, Washington DC

Chadwick’s is a fine place, but if you’re looking for a better time in Georgetown, check out the Georgetown Waterfront. Farmers, Fishers, Bakers is a great place to start. You can then bar hop around M Street after you are finished.

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

401 7th Street Northwest, Washington DC

Ovamel is described by the show as “a combination of traditional Mexican flavors with a modern twist.”  This is another José Andrés restaurant in D.C. is a great place to try some mescal. We’re big fans of their weekend brunch.

Abay Market

3811 South George Mason Drive, Falls Church, VA

Washington DC has a huge Ethiopian diaspora and the high quality Ethiopian food that can be found in the city reflects that. If you don’t want to travel outside DC to find good authentic Ethiopian food, our favorite is Ethiopic, which can be found in the popular H Street neighborhood in Washington DC. I

Jessie Taylor Seafood

1100 Maine Avenue Southwest, Washington DC

This is a great place to try Maryland crabs drenched in the famous Old Bay seasoning. This local culinary experience is a must-try for any visitor to the DC area. We also highly recommend Quarterdeck in Arlington, VA.

El Pollo Rico

932 North Kenmore Street, Arlington, VA

Don’t waste your time going here unless you’re craving chicken and in the neighborhood. Sure, El Pollo Rico is a perfectly fine place for Puruvian chicken and filling, cheap meal if you’re nearby. However, there’s so many better places for every budget throughout DC and Arlington for this to be part of your trip. We’re not exactly sure why this one made the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide.

Eamonn’s, A Dublin Chipper

728 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 US

Similar to the listing mentioned above, this is a perfectly fine Irish pub that we have enjoyed on multiple occasions, but not one worth going out of your way to visit. If you are in Old Town and want a beer, this place will satisfy you, but don’t travel all the way from DC thinking you will have a unique culinary or drinking experience. While not on the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide, our favorite spot in Alexandria’s Old Town is Virtue Feed & Grain.

How to Watch the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide

Download the show on iTunes or Amazon. You can learn more about it on the Travel Channel’s website too.

We hope you enjoy your Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide!

Although all commentary is ours, the Anthony Bourdain Washington DC Travel Guide sites were picked from No Reservation’s Washington DC episode. We would like to thank Anthony Bourdain for continuing to make such refreshingly authentic and interesting travel TV shows. The source from the header info was also from the Travel Channel.

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